Dean's List: Fall 2017

Congratulations to all of our students who were honored with Dean’s or President’s list and Graduation honors. If you live in West Virginia, your students name will be sent to your local newspaper to be included if the newspaper chooses to do so. If you don’t see it in your local newspaper or you live outside of West Virginia, you can share the good news with your hometown newspaper by downloading this press release template. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and email or send it to your local newspaper. If you have additional questions regarding your honors, please visit

Outstanding undergraduate academic achievement is recognized by awarding President’s List and Dean’s List status to students who obtain a 4.0 GPA or 3.5 GPA, respectively in a semester. Only the highest honor is awarded, and it will be noted on the transcript. Students must be enrolled in 12 credit hours or more of graded courses to be eligible for such recognition with no grades of I (incomplete), NR (not reported), or W (withdrawal).

Total Students: 3710
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Last Name First Name City State County Nation Major(s)
Alhudhainah Mohammad Bayan Kuwait Engineering Track 3
Alhumoud Abdulrahman Philadelphia PA Pre-Engineering
Alhuwail Ali Dammam Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Ali Dalal Kuwait City Kuwait Biology
Ali Husain Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre-Engineering
Alimario Alan Weirton WV Brooke Nursing
Aljohani Hatoon Jeddah Saudi Arabia Finance
Alkandari Abdullah Kuwait City Kuwait Engineering Track 2
Alkandari Hadeel Kuwait Kuwait Civil Engineering
Al Kandari Jarrah Morgantown WV Monongalia Political Science
Al-Kandari Khalid Al Qusour Kuwait Engineering Track 3
Alkhabbaz Omar Morgantown WV Monongalia Engineering Track 2
Alkhalaf Sulaiman Dammam Saudi Arabia Geology
Alkhaldi Ahmad Morgantown WV Monongalia Engineering Track 3
Alkhalifah Eissa Kuwait City Kuwait Pre-Engineering
Allawati Hassan Muscat Oman Business
Allen Dalton Weirton WV Hancock English
Allen Daniel Hampton VA Engineering Track 3
Allen Donald Seaford NY Sport Management
Allen Keanan Wayne NE Biology
Allen Lexus Smithfield PA Biology
Allen Riley Pennsboro WV Ritchie Industrial Engineering
Allison Jackson Redford MI Criminology
Allowatt Alyssa Clarksburg WV Harrison Biomedical Engineering
Almaghlouth Mansour Dammam Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almajed Musaed Morgantown WV Monongalia Civil Engineering
Almalaabi Abdullah Morgantown WV Monongalia Engineering Track 3
Almalki Abdullah Jeddah Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Al Maqbali Ayesha Ruwi Oman Agribusiness Management
Almasaary Saad Khobar Saudi Arabia Geology
Almatouq Hessah Los Angeles CA Pre-Engineering
Almatroodi Mohammed Dammam Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
AlMatrouk Dana kuwait Kuwait Civil Engineering
Almazroa Saud Riyadh Saudi Arabia Business
Al-Mazrouai Ghina Morgantown WV Monongalia Forensic & Investigative Sci
Al Moosawi Iyad Muscat Oman Engineering Track 3
Almotairi Abdullah Jeddah Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almulhim Abdullah Houston TX Engineering Track 3
Almulhim Abdulrahman Alahsa Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almulhim Bassam Dhahran Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almusallam Shaikha Surra Kuwait Pre-Biology
Almutairi Talal Kuwait Kuwait Electrical Engineering
Almutairi Turki Kuwait Kuwait Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almutairi Yousef Morgantown WV Monongalia Biology
Al-Nafai Mohammed Morgantown WV Monongalia Chemical Engineering
Alnasser Laila Dammam Saudi Arabia Interior Design
Alnemah Abdulkareem KUWAIT CITY Kuwait Engineering Track 3
Al Noutaki Isehaq Muscat Oman Engineering Track 2
Alomani Hawra Al Qatif Saudi Arabia Engineering Track 3
Alotaibi Nora Kuwait Kuwait Biology
Alotaibi Saud Al Dhahran Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alotaibi Shaikha Tampa FL Art Education
Alqahtani Hamad Sharjah United Arab Emirates Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alqahtani Munahi Morgantown WV Monongalia Criminology
Alqallaf Abdullah Kuwait Kuwait Pre-Engineering
Alqallaf Yousif Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre-Engineering
Alqattan Jinan Kuwait Kuwait Pre-Engineering
Al Raaisi Khadija Muscat Oman Forensic & Investigative Sci
Alrashidi Naseer Tucson AZ Chemical Engineering
Al-Rayyes Nasser Bayan Kuwait Biology
Alrumaihi Fahad Dammam Saudi Arabia Engineering Track 2
Alruwaili Faris Turaif Saudi Arabia Pre-Engineering
Alsabbagh Ghina South Charleston WV Kanawha Pre-Pharmacy
Alsayegh Ahmed Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Engineering Track 2
Alsenan Hamad Omariya Kuwait Engineering Track 3
Alshaheen Azhar Safwa Ash Sharqiyah Saudi Arabia Pre-Pharmacy
Alshaikhali Ramlah Saihat Saudi Arabia Pre-Pharmacy
Alshaikhmubarak Abdulaziz Dhahran Saudi Arabia Mechanical Engineering
Alshammari Majed Dhahran Saudi Arabia Geology
Alshammari Mohammad JAHRA, AYOON Kuwait Engineering Track 2
Alshammari Naif Huntington WV Cabell Chemical Engineering
AlShamsi Asma Muscat Oman Psychology
Alshehabi Dalal Morgantown WV Monongalia Biology
Altamimi Ghanem Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Altatan Yousef Kuwait City Kuwait Biology
Alteneiji Yousef Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Chemical Engineering
Alter John Bowie MD Marketing
Aluise Andy Charleston WV Kanawha Strategic Communications
Alvarez Grace Martinsburg WV Berkeley Musical Theatre
Alvarez Mary Martinsburg WV Berkeley Journalism
Alvaro Stephanie Bridgeport WV Harrison Strategic Communications
Alwadhenani Abdulaziz Makkah Saudi Arabia Civil Engineering
Alway Sarah Morgantown WV Monongalia English
Alyoubi Abdulrahman Dhahran Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alzanki Khaled Kuwait Kuwait Engineering Track 3
Alzyadi Raeed Dhahran Saudi Arabia Engineering Track 2
Aman Miranda Ranson WV Jefferson Public Health
Amato Michael Rochester MA Political Science and World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Ambrose Taylor Montrose WV Tucker Journalism
Ambrusico Gabriella Independence WV Preston Strategic Communications
Ambruso Morgan Flowery Branch GA Criminology
Amedro Nicole Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre-Elementary Education
Amendola Michaela Maidsville WV Monongalia Social Work
Amick Emily Nettie WV Nicholas Biomedical Engineering
Aminzadeh-Jouyomi Kamron Saint Albans WV Kanawha Forensic & Investigative Sci
Amos Keith Westover WV Monongalia English
Amsdell Amanda Ashtabula OH Biochemistry
Amsdell Emily Ashtabula OH Design Studies
Anbari Mohmad Aref Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Ancosky John Leechburg PA Engineering Track 3