Graduation List: Spring 2015

Congratulations to all of our students who were honored with Dean’s or President’s list and Graduation honors. If you live in West Virginia, your students name will be sent to your local newspaper to be included if the newspaper chooses to do so. If you don’t see it in your local newspaper or you live outside of West Virginia, you can share the good news with your hometown newspaper by downloading this press release template. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and email or send it to your local newspaper. If you have additional questions regarding your honors, please visit

Total Students: 4301
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Last Name First Name City State County Nation Major(s)
Abbenante Alex Yardley PA Finance
Abdallah James Youngwood PA Communication Studies
Abdel-Rehim Yousef Morgantown WV Monongalia Electrical Engineering
Abdullah Yong Rawang Malaysia Finance
Abdulrasool Ali Milwaukee WI Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Abouattier Maeva Germantown MD Occptnl & Envrnmntl Hlth Sci
Abruzzino Brittany Bridgeport WV Harrison Human Nutrition & Foods
Abutalebpur Ali Morgantown WV Monongalia Human & Community Development
Accardi Steven Newburyport MA Journalism
Ackman Logan Morgantown WV Monongalia Mathematics
Acquafresca James Milford MA Criminology
Adamek Daniel Murrysville PA Industrial Engineering
Adamovich Shayna Wheeling WV Ohio Dentistry
Adams Amanda Fairmont WV Marion Law
Adams Brian Prince Frederick MD Environmental Geoscience, Geography
Adams Dylan Newmanstown PA Wildlife & Fisheries Resources
Adams Heather Reedsville PA Pharmacy - Professional
Adams Hope Keyser WV Mineral Public Relations
Adams Samantha Sumerco WV Lincoln Criminology
Adams Samuel Pineville WV Wyoming Forest Resources Management
Adams Thomas Morgantown WV Monongalia Mathematics
Adams Thomas La Plata MD Political Science
Adams Tyler Delran NJ Advertising
Addison James Bluefield WV Mercer Intermedia/Photography
Adkins Amber Summersville WV Nicholas Dentistry
Adkins Blake Lorado WV Logan Exercise Physiology
Adkins Melissa Summersville WV Nicholas Law
Adorno Jazmin North Babylon NY Communication Studies
Agboola Temitope Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Agosta Alexandra Downingtown PA Sociology and Anthropology
Agostini Christina Uniontown PA Speech Pathology and Audiology
Ahlstrom Adam Herndon VA Strategic Communications
Ahmad Sheraz Morgantown WV Monongalia Marketing
Ahmed Faiz Morgantown WV Monongalia Exercise Physiology
Ahrens Caitlin Fairmont WV Marion Physics, Geology
Ails Keelan Frederick MD Marketing
Aippersbach Curtis Gibsonia PA Regents Bachelor of Arts
Ajewole Segun Morgantown WV Monongalia Safety Management
Akehinmi Michael Martinsburg WV Berkeley Safety Management
Akis Dimitrios Weirton WV Hancock Business Management
Akkena Sudhakar Bobbili Vizianagaram India Electrical Engineering
Al Alshikh Reem Houston TX Electrical Engineering
Alam Justin Morgantown WV Monongalia Finance
Al-Ameer Ali Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alamoudi Alaudeen Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Alamri Zainab Morgantown WV Monongalia Electrical Engineering
Alawami Yassir Houston TX Geology
Alawami Zahra Houston TX Geology
Albagle Amenah Kuwait Kuwait Dentistry
Albanese Alexis Berkeley Springs WV Morgan Social Work
Albert Amanda Scott Depot WV Putnam Exercise Physiology
Alberto Christopher North Bellmore NY General Business
Albrighton-Vanway Olivia Parkersburg WV Wood International Studies
Alcide Anzy Burtonsville MD Business Administration
Aldaach Haidar Morgantown WV Monongalia Civil Engineering
Alderson Nathan Crawley WV Greenbrier Accounting, Finance
Aldhafeeri Nawaf Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Aldosry Fahad Jeddah Saudi Arabia Applied Statistics
Aldridge Evan Lesage WV Cabell Finance
Aldubaikel Mohammad Dhahran Saudi Arabia Industrial Relations
Alexander Christina Morgantown WV Monongalia Regents Bachelor of Arts
Alexander Whitney Morgantown WV Monongalia Computer Science
Alfaraj Saja Houston TX Geology
Alford Steven Richwood WV Nicholas Chemical Engineering
Al Ghamdi Abdulrahman Jeddah Saudi Arabia Finance
Al Ghamdi Suliman Dhahran Saudi Arabia Industrial Engineering
Alhaily Fahad San Antonio TX Finance
Al Hajji Mustafa Alhasa Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alire Zachary Oakton VA Multidisciplinary Studies
Aliverdi Sabina Rockville MD Communication Studies
Aljamea Hala Morgantown WV Monongalia Medical Laboratory Science
Aljanabi Wajeeh Morgantown WV Monongalia University Teaching
Aljishi Danah Houston TX Geology
Alkandari Fajer Kuwait Kuwait Civil Engineering
Alkhaldi Aqel Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Al Khaldi Naser Kuqait Kuwait Civil Engineering
Alkhalid Muthanna Jubail Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
AlKhan Moath Dammam Saudi Arabia Business Management
Allada Sandeep Kakinada India Electrical Engineering
Allar Ishonte Westover WV Monongalia Coaching and Teaching Studies
Al Lawe Erfan Basrah Iraq Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Allen Chelsie Parkersburg WV Wood Elementary Education
Allen Chelsie Parkersburg WV Wood Elementary Ed / MDS
Allen Lynda Ronceverte WV Greenbrier Regents Bachelor of Arts
Allen Phillip Spencer WV Roane Industrial Relations
Alluri Prem West Godavari Dist India Electrical Engineering
Allyn Rebecca Arnold MD Criminology
Al Mairza Jalal Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almashat Senan Morgantown WV Monongalia Political Science
Almashat Senna Morgantown WV Monongalia Pharmacy - Professional
Almaskeen Lyla Dhahran Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almatar Sari Qatif Saudi Arabia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Al Moemen Sarah Morgantown WV Monongalia Biology
Almouhaizee Abdullah Alkhobar Saudi Arabia Applied Statistics
Almuharab Abdulaziz Riyadh Saudi Arabia Applied Statistics
Al-Mutairi Fahd Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Alnahyo Mariam Morgantown WV Monongalia Biology
Alnssyan Badr Buraydah Alqassim Saudi Arabia Statistics
Alnumair Ibtihal Riyadh Saudi Arabia World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Alnumani Mahasin Morgantown WV Monongalia Applied Statistics