Graduation List: Spring 2014

Congratulations to all of our students who were honored with Dean’s or President’s list and Graduation honors. If you live in West Virginia, your students name will be sent to your local newspaper to be included if the newspaper chooses to do so. If you don’t see it in your local newspaper or you live outside of West Virginia, you can share the good news with your hometown newspaper by downloading this press release template. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and email or send it to your local newspaper. If you have additional questions regarding your honors, please visit

Total Students: 3777
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Last Name First Name City State County Nation Major(s)
Aban Eleanor Moon Township PA Music
Abbott Phillip North East MD Mining Engineering
Abbott Phillip North East MD Civil Engineering
Abebe Emnet Ridgewood NY Mathematics
Abernathy Charles Keyser WV Mineral Civil Engineering
Aboaba Ayodeji Star City WV Monongalia Safety Management
Aboaba Bolanle Morgantown WV Monongalia Regents Bachelor of Arts
Abozeid Moath Riyadh INT World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Abramczyk Kyle Harrisburg PA Finance
Abrams Eric Lafayette Hill PA Advertising
Abulfaraj Ghalib Vienna VA Psychology
Ackerman Jesse Cambridge MA Art and Design
Ackerman Melissa Maidsville WV Monongalia Finance
Ackerman Michael Lawrenceville GA Regents Bachelor of Arts
Ackerman Shannon Morgantown WV Monongalia Nutritional and Food Science
Adam Elmouzemill Alexandria VA Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Adams Alyssa Saulsville WV Wyoming Exercise Physiology
Adams Carrington Wheeling WV Ohio Art and Design
Adams Cory Schuylkill Haven PA Mining Engineering
Adams Jacob Kenova WV Wayne Civil Engineering
Adams Julie Parkersburg WV Wood World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Adamson Lauren Charles Town WV Jefferson World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Adenariwo Adeyemi Morgantown WV Monongalia Engineering
Adu Solomon Morgantown WV Monongalia Mathematics
Afshari Mohammad Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Agu Devante Virginia Beach VA Industrial Engineering
Aguilar Garcia Laura Albacete INT World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Ahiadada Benjamin Alexandria VA Aerospace Engineering
Ahiadada Benjamin Alexandria VA Mechanical Engineering
Ahmed Masih Morgantown WV Monongalia Medicine
Aiken Ian Accident MD Political Science, International Studies
Ajemigbitse Moses Abuja INT Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Akbar Ghadir Morgantown WV Monongalia Medical Laboratory Science
Akers Ashley Pratt WV Kanawha Wildlife & Fisheries Resources
Akers Nicholas Morgantown WV Monongalia Civil Engineering
Akers Shasta Morgantown WV Monongalia Nursing
Alabbas Majed aljouf INT Safety Management
Alabdulwahab Amar Richmond VA Accounting
Alarfaj Abdullrohman Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alastanos Jennifer Bridgeport WV Harrison Pharmacy - Professional
Alawami Ahmed Qateif INT Statistics
Alawami Fidaa Qatif INT Chemical Engineering
Al-Awami Muhammad Qateef INT Chemical Engineering
AlBaghli Mariam Morgantown WV Monongalia Civil Engineering
Albagle Fagr Kuwait INT Mechanical Engineering
Albarghouti Rami Morgantown WV Monongalia Civil Engineering
Albee Megan Hilliard OH Public Administration
Alberico Christian Morgantown WV Monongalia Finance
Albert Elizabeth Cleveland OH World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Albinali Ebrahim Dammam INT Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Albright Ashleigh Henrico VA Counseling
Albright Jacob Daniels WV Raleigh Chemical Engineering
Alderson Lori Crawley WV Greenbrier Regents Bachelor of Arts
Alemayehu Andualem Morgantown WV Monongalia Applied Statistics
Alenezi Freeh Morgantown WV Monongalia Statistics
Alfashkhi Noor Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alfery Kailey Greensburg PA Marketing
Alford Andrea Bridgeport WV Taylor Criminology
Algeo Erika Springfield OH Public Administration
Alhaddad Ghadeer Kaifan INT Curriculum and Instruction
Alhamar Almulla Mohamed Umm Alquwain INT Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alhumaid Suliman Houston TX Chemical Engineering
Ali Madina Williamsport PA Social Work
Ali Mohamed Manassas VA Political Science
Aljohani Hadeel Jeddah INT Speech Pathology and Audiology
Alkhadra Leen Morgantown WV Monongalia Medical Laboratory Science
Allen Chelsea Weston WV Lewis Elementary Ed / MDS
Allen Chelsea Weston WV Lewis Elementary Education
Allen Shawnna Union WV Monroe Multidisciplinary Studies
Allie James Thornton PA Finance
Allinder Rachel Point Pleasant WV Mason Elementary Education
Allison Gabriel Alexandria VA Integrated Marketing Comm
Allison Jacob Ashburn VA Wildlife & Fisheries Resources
Allison Markus Wellsvile OH Forest Resources Management
Allman Shannon Morgantown WV Monongalia Psychology
Allshouse Zachary Augusta NJ International Studies
Al-Malack Wisam Dhahran INT Computer Science
Almarzouki Abdullah Pittsburgh PA Industrial Engineering
Almohsen Ranya Morgantown WV Monongalia Computer Science
Almquist Emily Morgantown WV Monongalia Nursing
Al Mubarak Khalid New York NY Medical Laboratory Science
Almustafa Ahmed Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Al-Mustafa Hussain Qatif INT Finance
AL-Nahash Naif Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alnouri Dhari Ahmadi INT Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Aloia Kali Washington PA Health Policy
Alonso Restrepo Julian Charlotte NC Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology
Alqadran Abdullah Dhahran INT Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alsafi Noor Jeddah INT Applied Statistics
Alsamaani Mohammad Buraydah INT World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Al-Senan Duaa Qatif INT Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
AlShammari Wadhah Morgantown WV Monongalia International Studies
Althunayan Sultan Morgantown WV Monongalia Industrial Engineering
Alvarez Laura Bridgeport WV Harrison Human Performance and Health
Alvaro Maria Bridgeport WV Harrison Multicategorical Special Ed
Alwelaie Nasser Riyadh INT Communication Studies
Ambers Britney Sterling VA Integrated Marketing Comm
Amelio Darren Wilton CT Finance
Amick William Morgantown WV Monongalia Industrial Relations
Amin Khushali Burnsville WV Braxton Biology