Graduation List: Fall 2014

Congratulations to all of our students who were honored with Dean’s or President’s list and Graduation honors. If you live in West Virginia, your students name will be sent to your local newspaper to be included if the newspaper chooses to do so. If you don’t see it in your local newspaper or you live outside of West Virginia, you can share the good news with your hometown newspaper by downloading this press release template. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and email or send it to your local newspaper. If you have additional questions regarding your honors, please visit

Total Students: 1489
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Last Name First Name City State County Nation Major(s)
Aanenson Hunter Boyds MD Marketing
Abdulkareem Nouf Morgantown WV Monongalia Mathematics
Abioye Oyemayowa Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria Safety Management
Aboul-Nasr Celia Solomons MD Early Childhood Development
Aboul-Nasr Celia Solomons MD Child Dev & Family Studies
Achey Catherine Salisbury MD Integrated Marketing Comm
Acker Alexander Coplay PA Accounting
Ackerman Bethany Bellaire OH Public Relations
Adams Alexis Orefield PA Nursing
Adams Nikki Greensboro NC Integrated Marketing Comm
Adams Seth Pineville WV Wyoming Agroecology
Adebisi Oluwatoyin Morgantown WV Monongalia Applied Statistics
Afebioye Ayorinde Morgantown WV Monongalia Safety Management
Ajayi Abidemi Anike Modinat Morgantown WV Monongalia Safety Management
Ajmera Mayank Indore India Phrmctcl & Phrmclgcl Sciences
Alatawi Mahdi Tabuk Saudi Arabia Communication Studies
Alberto Matthew Merrick NY Marketing
Aldossary Majed Houston TX Geology
Aldred Crouch Mary Milton WV Cabell Public Health
Al Drees Mostafa Alhasa Saudi Arabia Mechanical Engineering
AlGhusoon Faisal Riyadh Saudi Arabia Strategic Communications
Alhawiti Eid Morgantown WV Monongalia Communication Studies
Al-Jewair Ziad Dhahran Saudi Arabia Finance
Alkaabi Abdulla Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alkandari Duaij Mubarak Al-Abdullah area Kuwait Mechanical Engineering
AlKhabbaz Mohammed Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Alkire Sadie Springfield WV Hampshire Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS
Allen Elizabeth Morgantown WV Monongalia Secondary Education
Allison John Cohoes NY Civil Engineering
Alnaseer Mostafa Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Al Nuaimi Mohanad Morgantown WV Monongalia Aerospace Engineering
Al-Rashed Fahad Dhahran Saudi Arabia Mechanical Engineering
Al-Samari Ahmed Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Alshammari Sattam Rafha Saudi Arabia Mechanical Engineering
Al Suliman Hussain Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Alt Natasha Petersburg WV Grant Child Dev & Family Studies
Alt Natasha Petersburg WV Grant Early Childhood Development
Alter Nichole Palmer AK Nursing
Alwadai Sultan Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Ammar Hoda Morgantown WV Monongalia Psychology
Amos Ashley Summersville WV Nicholas Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Amrine Daniel Fairmont WV Marion Geology
Anders Steven Chester NY Mechanical Engineering
Anderson Aaron Martinsburg WV Berkeley Mechanical Engineering
Anderson Aaron Martinsburg WV Berkeley Aerospace Engineering
Anderson Kelsi Brick NJ Psychology
Anderson Lara Rupert WV Greenbrier Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS
Andrews Angela Morgantown WV Monongalia Safety Management
Anesetti-Rothermel Andrew Canonsburg PA Epidemiology
Ansar Leanne Fairmont WV Marion World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Ansari Azadeh Morgantown WV Monongalia Industrial Engineering
Antoline Steve Mount Lookout WV Nicholas Regents Bachelor of Arts
Applegate Lisa Weirton WV Hancock Nursing - RN
Arbab Nazia Hyderabad Pakistan Natural Resource Economics
Arbaugh Julian Asbury WV Greenbrier Business Administration
Arcentales Danilo Guayaquil/Chongon Ecuador Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Are Nitin Chowdary Vijayawada India Electrical Engineering
Armentrout William Ford City PA Physics
Armstead Andrea Morgantown WV Monongalia Phrmctcl & Phrmclgcl Sciences
Armstead Ashlee Morgantown WV Monongalia Psychology
Armstead Kathleen Elkview WV Kanawha Political Science
Armstrong Lisa Elkins WV Randolph Integrated Marketing Comm
Arora Shrey Allahabad India Mining Engineering
Arvidson Richard Burlington CT Civil Engineering
Asberry Randall Maidsville WV Monongalia World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Asbury Zackery Davin WV Logan Biology
Ashfaq Talal Morgantown WV Monongalia Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Isaac Scott Depot WV Putnam Medicine
Atkins Bradley Charleston WV Kanawha Nursing
Atkinson Katelyn Masontown WV Preston Psychology
Atkinson Laura Charles Town WV Jefferson Infant/Toddler Education
Atkinson Laura Charles Town WV Jefferson Child Dev & Family Studies
Atkinson Laura Charles Town WV Jefferson Early Childhood Development
Aultman-Moore Benjamin Westover WV Monongalia English
Avala Lokesh Kakinada India Electrical Engineering
Avis Phillip Newport News VA Sport and Exercise Psychology
Ayoob Carrie Salem WV Harrison Software Engineering
Baber Sara Oak Hill WV Fayette Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS
Babila Sama Bronx NY Exercise Physiology
Bach Heidi Hedgesville WV Berkeley PS Admin/Principal Prep
Bagwell JT Rosemont WV Computer Science
Bailey Kelly Morgantown WV Monongalia Counseling Psychology
Baker Linsay Ridgeley WV Mineral Regents Bachelor of Arts
Baker Miranda Thurmont MD Animal & Nutritional Sciences
Baker Stephen Moundsville WV Marshall Industrial Engineering
Bal Julianne Morgantown WV Monongalia Exercise Physiology
Ballard Devin Bruceton Mills WV Preston Multidisciplinary Studies
Banini Josiane Douala Cameroon Secondary Education
Banini Josiane Douala Cameroon World Lang, Lit & Linguistics
Baran Lindsay Keller TX Finance
Barber Robert Nokesville VA Wildlife & Fisheries Resources
Barclay Jarrod Somerset PA Civil Engineering
Barger Charles Martinsburg WV Berkeley Regents Bachelor of Arts
Barnaba Tabatha Wheeling WV Ohio Theatre
Barr Thomas Parsons WV Tucker Regents Bachelor of Arts
Barre Veeraja Coral Springs FL Electrical Engineering
Barrett Austen Athens WV Mercer Computer Engineering
Bartlett Alyssa Hancock MD Pharmacy - Professional
Bartlett Victoria Pullman WV Ritchie History
Basil Alexandra Wellsburg WV Brooke Nursing