Dean's List: Fall 2014

Congratulations to all of our students who were honored with Dean’s or President’s list and Graduation honors. If you live in West Virginia, your students name will be sent to your local newspaper to be included if the newspaper chooses to do so. If you don’t see it in your local newspaper or you live outside of West Virginia, you can share the good news with your hometown newspaper by downloading this press release template. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and email or send it to your local newspaper. If you have additional questions regarding your honors, please visit

Total Students: 3359
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Last Name First Name City State County Nation Major(s)
Abbas Dhari Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies (Undecided)
Abbott Morgan Weirton WV Hancock Immunology & Medical Mcrblgy
Abda John Dalton PA Psychology
Abdallah James Youngwood PA Communication Studies
Abdulkadir Hadiza Musa Abuja Landscape Architecture
Abeyratne Sawan Frederick MD Engineering
Aboraya Dalia Morgantown WV Monongalia Psychology
Abou Hadi Anas Jeddah Pre Business and Economics
Abruscato Brittany Holly Springs NC UG Studies: Occupational Thrpy
Abruzzino Brittany Bridgeport WV Harrison Human Nutrition & Foods
Accardi Steven Newburyport MA Journalism
Aceves Ashley Morgantown WV Monongalia Sociology and Anthropology
Ackermann Adrienne Wheeling WV Ohio General Admit Business
Ackman Logan Morgantown WV Monongalia Mathematics
Acord Paige Lewisburg WV Greenbrier Accounting
Acquavella Alyssa Succasunna NJ Journalism
Adamek Daniel Murrysville PA Industrial Engineering
Adams Connor Hurricane WV Putnam UG Studies: Pharmacy
Adams LaDonna Flemington WV Taylor UG Studies: Media
Adamson Connor Columbia MD Strategic Communications
Adeigbo Christopher Morgantown WV Monongalia Strategic Communications
Adkins Michael Hambleton WV Tucker UG Studies (Undecided)
Agazie Gabriella Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies: Special
Agbaeruneke Nkechinyerem Washington DC UG Studies: Pharmacy
Agbleze Selorme Washington DC General Engineering
Aguilera Ellen Shirley NY Chemistry
Ahrens Caitlin Fairmont WV Marion Physics
Aigner Devin Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies: Business & Econ
Aistis Lucy Hyattsville MD Environmental Geoscience
Alabdulhadi Yousiff Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre Engineering
Al Alshikh Reem Houston TX Electrical Engineering
Alamri Zainab Morgantown WV Monongalia Electrical Engineering
Alamro Meshal Morgantown WV Monongalia Industrial Engineering
Alarfaj Ahmed Aurora CO UG Studies: Engineering
Alatigue Mohammed Houston TX General Engineering
Alawami Zahra Houston TX Geology
Alazemi Asmaa Kuwait City UG Studies: Biology
Albarghouty Omar Morgantown WV Monongalia Political Science
Albert Amanda Scott Depot WV Putnam Exercise Physiology
Albertazzie Lyndsey Morgantown WV Monongalia Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS
Albeshri Raissan Houston TX Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Albinger Sarah Gibsonia PA Child Dev & Family Studies
Albright Cheyenne Scio OH Design Studies
Albuwaidy Mohammed Morgantown WV Monongalia Geology
Alder Kathryn Pasadena MD UG Studies: Nursing
Alderson Nathan Crawley WV Accounting
Alebraheem Ali Kuwait Biology
Alenezi Abdulmohsen Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre Engineering
Alenezi Meshal Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre Engineering
Alexander Rebecca Chester VA Mathematics
Alexandropoulos Sarah Morgantown WV Monongalia Horticulture
Alfaraj Saja Houston TX Geology
Al Fulaiti Mazin Ruwi Muscat Pre Engineering
Al Gazaq Mohammed Dhahran Industrial Engineering
Alghamdi Bader DHAHRAN Pre Engineering
Alhammadi Mohamed Abu Dhabi UG Studies: Engineering
Al Hammadi Ali Abu Dhabi UG Studies: Engineering
Alharbi Ahad Pittsburgh PA UG Studies: Occupational Thrpy
AlHarbi Mohammad Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies: Engineering
Alhumaidi Suliman Houston TX Geology
Alhussain Fadel Houston TX Geology
Ali Ali Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies (Undecided)
Ali Fatemah Kuwait City UG Studies: Biology
Alimario Alan Weirton WV Brooke Nursing
Aliverdi Sabina Rockville MD General Arts and Sciences
Aljamea Hala Morgantown WV Monongalia Medical Laboratory Science
Aljeemaz Hamad Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies: Engineering
Aljohani Hanoof Jeddah UG Studies: Occupational Thrpy
Alkandari Duaij Mubarak Al-Abdullah area Mechanical Engineering
Al Khalili Mohammed Ruwi Muscat UG Studies (Undecided)
Alkhunaizy Mohammed Houston TX Marketing
Alkire Sadie Springfield WV Hampshire Multidisciplinary Studies/BMdS
Allemond Maxwell Wellsburg WV Brooke Geology
Allen Brianna Collegeville PA Occupational Therapy
Allen Cody Birdsboro PA Pre Engineering
Allen Dalton Weirton WV Hancock English
Allen Erika Wheeling WV Ohio Chemical Engineering
Allen Tristan Saint Albans WV Kanawha Aerospace Engineering
Allyn Rebecca Arnold MD Criminology
Almalki Abdullah Jeddah UG Studies: Engineering
Almaskeen Lyla Dhahran Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almatrafi Sultan Abu Dhabi General Engineering
Almemari Mohammed Al Ain UG Studies: Engineering
Almessabi Khaled Abu Dhabi UG Studies: Engineering
Almoallim Ala Morgantown WV Monongalia Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Almohammad Abdullah Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies: Biology
Almuallim Mohammed Morgantown WV Monongalia Physics
Almubarak Yousef Alahsaa Geology
Al-Mulhim Alharith Houston TX Geology
Al-Naabi Ahmed Morgantown WV Monongalia Pre Engineering
Alnafea Abdulaziz Al-Ahsa Geology
Alnaibari Abdullah Tampa FL UG Studies: Engineering
Al Nasrullah Areej Qatif Petroleum & Natural Gas Engr
Alnujaidi Mohammed Dhahran Mechanical Engineering
Aloi Matthew Columbia MD Accounting
Alotaibi Nora Kuwait UG Studies: Biology
Alqadran Fawaz Morgantown WV Monongalia UG Studies: Engineering
Alqahtani Moath Houston TX UG Studies: Engineering
Alquist Emma Harpers Ferry WV Jefferson Biology
Al-Rawahi Ibrahim Muscat UG Studies: Engineering